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Registration Agreement
Code of Index:
(This is a simplified version of the rules see to all rules/terms visit:  http://bloodelites.clanwe ... com/page/rulesterms)

Your username must be your gamer tag
Must fill out an application after registering
Must be active on the website
Stay in contact, If confused, ask, we'll help. (Send anyone a private message)

  1. Any form of Sexually explicit content is not allowed
  2. Suggestive Arts will be monitored
  3. Wednesdays are Uganda Knuckles day (This is a joke)
  4. Do not post in the wrong forum area’s
  5. Profanity must be censored
  6. Harassment is not tolerated
  7. Do not spam Private Messages, Comments, or Posts
  8. Political discussions are monitored
  9. Do not spam text on Signatures: Example (asdfkljasldgjasdfhl;a)
  10. Do not mimic  our taunt our clan's enemies.
  11. Show Respect  to all members. Be civil.

  1. Must wear set armor colors in the clan

Spartans: Any armor set with colors primary white & secondary yellow

Elites (Sangheili): Any armor set with colors primary white & secondary tyrian

Guards: The security armor set with colors primary black(pepper) & secondary color of chosen species. Any red visor.

  1. Must wear service tag. It will be displaying your rank.
  2. No visor requirements. (Normally)
  3. Appearance is only Mandatory during all Clan Events

  1. Training occurs at least once a week
  2. Member attendance is based on activity on the website via events.
  3. Training will appear on the Events calendar
  4. Members must attend or set availability there.
  5. Members that do not use this feature will be given strikes as inactivity rules applies.
  6. Ask for assistance if you do not know how to set your attendance each week.
  7. You will be asked to join one of our gaming Branches. Select the one that interests you and go off their ruels and regs set by your Commanding Leader

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