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Reporting a Member:
  • Reporting a member will not be dealt with unless multiple occasions occur from multiple members
  • We’ll only look into individual cases if reports from Sergeant ranks start appearing
  • Once an issue arrives the clan leader will issue the situation to the council to make the decision if need be
  • If the situation gets out of hand, the clan leader gets the final say

Reporting the clan leader:
  • When the clan leader is the one being reported; This situation must occur. The Council will hear what the members has to say and represent them/rulings aka the rules. If it’s found no rules are broken, the next step does not occur
  • The Clan Leader will then be forced to call a meeting if Rules we're not infringed with the council to resolve the issue. 
  • Each Council Member will discuss their feelings along with what their members say. If another Council Member interrupts another Council Member He/She will not be heard due to; it nullifies the actions of the Council. 
  • Once voices are heard; The Clan Leader will then explain his/her reasoning and/or what He/She did. Once that is done the Council will then take a vote. 
  • Majority rule vote will pass. The vote will be on which side to take. 
  • If a vote cannot be found, then the Council and the Leader will Discuss and Dispute until the issue is solved.

  • Restriction (Infractions) is where a member has failed to follow order or show bad behavior in the clan. This includes being inactive.
  • When on Restriction you must follow everyone with ranks higher than you. No exceptions.
  • You get a 0-3 counter. Failing to listen to higher ranks results in a strike, once you reach 3-3 you get put on Probations.
  • Restriction can only be lifted by the Clan Leader. 
  • Restriction must last at least one month before Clan Leader can lift Restriction Charges.
  • While on Restriction members cannot participate in Votes, Matches, and Events.
  • If a Member failed to succeed at Restriction He/She is now on Probation.
  • Probation is where you only get one chance to turn around.
  • Probation can only be lifted by the Clan Leader.
  • There is no time limit to how long the Clan Leader must keep them on Probation. It will go by His/Her Word, but must last at least a month.
  • If a member fails to succeed at probation He/She is then Banned from the Clan. Court Marshaled
  • While Court Marshaled the member will not be allowed to be on the clan website, and will have not access through His/Her account.

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