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Open Recruitment:
  • There must be at least 2 Participants
  • Lobby Size can be any size
  • 1 Member Must be a Recruiting Officer
  • 1 Member Must be a Guard (At leisure of; or official)
  • Recruiter will only accept those that cooperate
  • Guards will immediately kill anyone attempting to Kill, Melee, Go into the off limit zone, Annoying on chat, or trying to start shit (Left to be broaden at leisure of Recruiter).
  • Anyone that respectfully makes it to the recruitment process and decides not to join the Recruiting Officer will thank them for their interest and giving time to check us out.

  • Requires 6 BLC Members to start
  • Selected BLC member will hand pick those to be recruited
  • Selected BLC member will drive Selected Member to recruitment office
  • Selected Recruiter will then proceed with the normal recruiting process.
  • Members in Charge can remove or retire any application at any point or ei. Leisure
  • Selected BLC member that picks members may test or conversate with applications.
  • Selected BLC member that picks members may Remove or create ridiculous tasks to test patience and maturity.
  • Selected BLC member that picks will check the K/D of each member selected
  • Selected BLC member that picks will thank any application that decides not to join
  • If the Picked out member makes it to the recruitment process but decides not to join the Recruiting Officer will thank them for their time.

BLC recruitment Standards:

"Welcome to the Blood Elites Clan, I am __________ I will be your recruitment captain."

2.Explain the foremost important part of our clan
"Here at BLC you can expect us to operate as a team. We try our best to make you feel at home, a place to have friends. However we're a competitive clan." (Basically explain the rundown of how we operate)

"BLC requires that members are registered to our website. This is used to keep track of all your clan records. Some of which can be used to transfer to other clans."

"Once you are register to the website it is important that you stay in contact with us. There you keep in contact with any of our Commanders or Leaders, However our clan has an activity date on Sat. 8PM CTZ. Members are required to show to this" [Note this date is different depending on what branch they are being recruited into. Make sure your aware of which branch they are joining. This one is set of the main Clan.]

5. Activity 2
"In order to be invited to these events and not be suspended from BLC for inactivity you must be logging into the website and setting your attendance on the website. It will take some time getting use to. New recruits will have some space on this, but if it is not done, you will not be invited to those events. Keep in mind the weekly event of your Branch is required of you to set your attendance to either attend, Not attending, or Maybe Attending to avoid being suspended. To get to the Events page on the website go to Information>Events>[their clan training]

6. Teams
"BLC will be placing you into teams of 4, unless otherwise put into special teams. This team will be your closest comrade you are to turn to. You should be spending a lot of training time with them during and outside of clan events. Teams that pull to the top will be eventually given rewards for being the best."

7. Appearance
"BLC has a small role play aspect despite being mostly a Match Making Based Clan. Because BLC dives into all sorts of game modes to practice skills, we allow our members to have self expression on the self in terms of Emblems and Armor they choose. However clan uniforms consist of either being a Spartan or Elite. Which this appearance is only mandatory during Clan Events. During off times you can wear whatever you desire."

7.Appearance 2
Spartans will wear Primary White, Secondary Surfer.
Elites (Sangheili)'s will wear Primary White, Second Tyrian

"All recruits at some point to advance, must complete certain accomplishments to climb the ranks. One of these things are Weapons Certifications, and Match Making Tiers. However this isn't necessary to rank up to positions, but it is for commands."

9. Fire Teams
"Fire Teams are for our elite status only, if you are interested in a fire team during your application on the website you will need to select a fire team you are interested. This is for League Status. And are hand picked by BLC Leader."

10. Strikes
"Strikes are giving out to members who show bad behavior or push the buttons on members. We allow our commanders to choose to be aggressive or passive, but at any point and time unless otherwise said Strikes will be given out. BLC gives you a 0-3 counter then a 0-1 Probation Counter. In simple terms once you reach 3-3 your placed on Probation, while on that your rank is put to Private/Minor because you loose all permissions and positions during Probation. For further details, read the rules as stated on the website."

11. Council
"The Council is important part of our clan, they will maintain the rules and make calls that effect the clan as a whole. You can join the council via 3 ways at any rank other than Private as Privates cannot be assigned a position. 1. First into his/hers position. 2. Rank of Commander 3. Voted in by Council.

12. Who you will be operating under
"Once you've applied you will be under command under the branch you will be specified to go to. InsaneVic will review your application and get you in. After that you should hear word from your Leader. [At this time you the recruitment captain should be giving them the training date to make sure they can appear.

13. Being informed makes clear and easy recruitment process 
Make sure all of these important things are explained. After that, ask them if they have any questions, and try to answer them to the fullest of your ability. Once that is done, Welcome them as a member to BLC. make sure to tell them they will be contacted on the website. They must be aware how important it is.

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