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Classification System:

  • Classifications are extensive training session that pushes players to their limit in a 1v4. This status is only for the ELITE
  • Classified Members will be 1v4 tested weekly ( or as needed )
  • Classifications consist of
  • Infantry,
  • Assault Rifle
  • Magnum
  • SAW

Designated Rifleman,
  • DMR
  • Carbine
  • Light Rifle

Close Quarters Combat,
  • SMG
  • ShotGun
  • ScatterShot
  • Suppressor

Battle Rifle-man,
  • Battle Rifle
  • Magnum
  • Railgun

Snipers ,
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Combine (Covenant) Sniper
  • Binary Rifle

Light Arms,
  • Magnum
  • Plasma Pistol
  • Bolt Shot

Elite Attack Force (Not Sangheili).
  • Mastery off all weapons listed for all Classifications

  • You do not get to choose what Classification your placed in.
  • Weapon Certifications (For specified division) must be completed
  • To obtain a Classification Status you must win a slayer match in a 1v4 consisting of 50 points to win.
  • To gain Classification you must win a 1v4 with each weapons set labeled
  • Grenade use is allowed in the 1v4
  • Environmental kills is allowed in the 1v4
  • Map will be chosen by the player (Must be a 343i Developer Made Map)
  • Your Classification is removed if you fail to appear to a 1v4 weekly session
  • The 4 in the 1v4 will use the same weapon(s) as the 1 challenger
  • Classifications can only be given out by a Colonel/Imperial Admiral or higher rank

Weapons Certifications:

  • All members must complete Basic Certifications
  • To obtain a Certification you must 1v1 a Member who is Certified with set weapon
  • All Certifications must be reported by Authorized Rank otherwise it does not count.
  • The opposing member must be Certified or is does not count.
  • The Challenging Member must beat the Opposing Member 3 times in a row without Death.
  • In a case of both dying at the same time doesn't count because the member died.
  • Kill from the Graves do not count.
  • Melee Kills do not count.
  • In the case ammo runs out- The Player who runs out of ammo first automatically loses.
  • Melee Kills if they happen are to be considered Foul.
  • See Ranking Specials to see who can approve Certifications

Training Records:

  • LeaderBoards will display the achievements of members whether it be through competitive records or casual.
  • See Ranking Specials to see who can report training Records.

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