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High Command

The Clan Leader:

  • The Clan Leader can pretty much control everything. He/She should do his best to make sure their members are happy, but at the same time discipline may come from the leader
  • Usually in the case of a Clan Leader being reported, the clan leader should explain His/Her actions then the results above will occur if need be
  • All Clan Leaders must be listed on the Clan Website. If they are retired their date of Retirement will be added. If they we're removed by  the Clan Members, then that shall be stated along with the date
  • Once a Clan Leader steps down they cannot become the Leader again. The next Leader will normally be the next 2nd Command or the Highest Rank next to the Leader. Unless a vote says otherwise. Votes will only happen as the whole clan seems necessary. 95% of the clan must think it's necessary to have a vote in this case.
  • All High Commands will be under Fire Team Skyward which is by default the clan leaders Fire Team.

Second Command Rules:

  • 2IC must be active at least once every 2 weeks or their position will be lifted and made available
  • 2IC cannot create rules that break the current rules
  • 2IC may call upon the council without 1IC’s Consent as long as a report is made
  • 2IC does not have to take part in clan events
  • 2IC cannot create or be apart of Fire Teams
  • When a 2IC doesn’t appear for a month they are forced to step down. They will not be removed from the clan. They will be demoted to Council.

Third Command Rules:

  • 3IC Does not have to take part of clan events
  • 3IC is head of the Council and will keep them maintained and organized (Currently the 2nd Command is in charge of this role)
  • 3IC cannot create rules that are against current rules or 2IC and 1STC Judgement
  • 3IC must be active at least once every 3 weeks
  • 3IC is allowed to regulate our Diplomacy
  • 3IC is allowed to regulate the Council
  • 3IC cannot create or be apart of Fire Teams
  • 3IC Must appear to all and every Council Meeting.
  • If 3IC doesn’t appear to a Council Meeting they are forced to step down. They will move down to a normal Council Member.


  • only The 3rd Command can control the Diplomacy or members assigned by the clan leader.
  • Members that are given control of Diplomacy Listed here (Other than 3rd Command):

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