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Fire Teams

  • Fire Teams are lead by anyone rank of Sgt. or higher 
  • Fire Teams are only created by order of High Command
  • To request to run a Fire Team you must apply in the Recruitment Forms and fill out the “Request Fire Team”
  • The Council cannot create Fire Teams
  • Fire Team Leaders create their own unique team names for identification
  • Fire Teams cannot share the same name or have identical names
  • Example: Leaders1 and L3ad3rs1 are still identical
  • Only Fire Teams can take part in Matches (clan battles) without organized orders from High Command or the Council
  • Fire Teams Leaders Can create events for their team at any point. This information will appear on our websites schedules
  • Fire Teams will represent our clan, As a result they have more strict guidelines.
  • Each Fire Team leader will have their own rules per fire team that does not go against the main rules. These rules will be enforced by the Fire Team leader. And given at the time of a member applying for a Fire Team.
  • Fire Team Punishments are allowed to be harsh with Corrections from the Fire Team Leader as needed.
  • Members in a Fire Team have a 0-3 strike counter that is given by the Fire Team Leader. This does not count on the main strike (Infaction) system.
  • After each Match Fire Teams will show respect to the opposing members by Bowing and looking down in the spot they are in-game.
  • People part of Fire Teams do not have to appear to Main Training unless Their Fire Team is called upon for review.
  • Fire Team Members must appear to their teams training. 
  • Fire Team Leaders can set any number of Training Days (Up to 24 hour minimal cooldown)
  • In Fire Teams Members cannot be in the Same Fireteam as the Leader if they are the same rank. Fire Team Leader must be the highest Rank.
  • When Matches are Scheduled Fireteams must appear when called upon.
  • On activity/attendance in Fireteam there are no exceptions except for those in the Military. This only apply when they are shipped out on Duty for their Country of any Army/Branch (Must be official, we may ask for proof).
  • Fire Teams are only allowed to have a Max of 16 players per Fireteam (A full custom Games Lobby)
  • Fire Team Leaders that do not manage and maintain the rules and job of Competitive Fire teams will receive strikes based on the actions of their members in the fireteam and or if the bust their Fireteam limit.
  • Fireteams are limited on the number of Members in their fireteam they can have. This limit depends on their Leaders rank. Sergeants/Shaper of the dead are allowed to start off with 5 Team Members.
  • Captain/Spec-Op Definitive are allowed to have 8 Team Members
  • Lieutenant Colonel/Zealot are allowed to have 10 Team Members
  • Commander/Field Marshal are allowed to have 16 Team Members
  • Any Ranks higher than Commander/Field Marshal are allowed to have 16 Max
  • If a Member from a Fire Team was to receive a main Strike that Strike goes to the Leader of the Team instead if the Leader of that Fire Teams Fails to speak up and show discipline.

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