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The Council

Meetings and Council Members:

  • When Clan Meetings take place the council is expected to appear
  • Council Members must remain respectful, or all, and any actions taken will be void during judgements by order of the 1STC
  • The Council cannot change or add rules without a vote when the 1STC is present
  • For rules to be changed during a vote there must be 80% votes to pass
  • To add rules to the rules during a vote there must be 50% to pass, but the Clan Leader can veto the ruling
  • Anything not dealing with the rules there must be 75% to pass
  • If a vote is veto’d by the leader decisions will come down to the 2IC
  • If veto happens and the 2IC is not present 3IC makes the decisions
  • If neither 2IC or 3IC is present or available veto will remain until they are available
  • Council Meetings Require at least 4 Members to Commence

  • Council Members can only be Assigned by these ways
- First into his/Her positions
-Rank of Commander
-Voted in By Council

Job of Council:

  • Job of the council is to maintain the rules of the clan. And nothing more.

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