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MCC Insider - Branch Consideration
Leader KogaGmente III 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 30th Aug 2018

Halo: The Master Chief Collection recently went through some testing phases. While that was happening I took some time to quietly discuss about opening a branch on MCC for our clan. I personally felt it would do us well to have a clan over there especially since Halo 5 isn't doing so well with clans right now.
     I think that Halo 5: Guardians will not suffice for the time being as many players are mainly looking for active, and or popular titles, while B.L.C. cannot hold itself there it is possible we can on Halo MCC.
    I talked to Dovakiin to of which we we're both excited about this update. Not only that but MCC is coming to Xbox Lives Game Pass, and today the update went live with official live testing. As discussed with Dovakiin I have now a task to review MCC at it's current status to see if it will suffice as a working and complete game for a clan to strive on.
    If it passes my Inspection for online play, custom games, and the Custom Games Browser I was told they we're adding (With or without that) I will talk to Dovakiin about making this live.
   For now this will lay in wait until further notice. This will not be replacing Halo 5: Guardians Branch. However, I will allow a transfer over to MCC if you prefer to operate with Dovakiin. However you'll need to let us know.

That is all for now.

KogaGmente III~

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