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Without Internet
Leader KogaGmente III 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 27th Aug 2018
Hey Everyone!

I am without internet. The unfortunate thing is my parents don't seem to want to try and fix it. I may be offline for a long and I mean a long time. Right now I am doing something illegal just to inform you all so I can't do this again. I will have no contact with you. Because of this I may consider retiring and allow TMS 654 to run the show.
For now I plan to let her take full control and hopefully keep the clan going.
As for me I'll be fine. I am doing things in IRL to hopefully one day return. But this loss of internet may be permanent for a few years. This may very be my goodbyes.
I can't even upload to YouTube Either. So idk what will happen with that.
Godsbe, and I'll see you whenever I can.

KogaGmente III,
Signing Out~

29th Aug 2018 Leader KogaGmente III
With a sigh of relief I will be getting internet back. I was worried because my mom was deciding on getting rid of the internet. I thought I was going to be gone for a long long time.
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