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Clan System Change
Leader KogaGmente III 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 15th Jul 2018
After a long and considerable time of thinking,
I have brought the council together to discuss what I believed to be an issue among our clan. It felt to me as if we lost a human's touch to things we do in the clan. As a result the council had voted and opted for my idea on the matter. We will be removing the requirement to use the website, and setting attendance as a mandatory source for those among lower ranks.

Those whom have high ranks are still expected and required to use the website. eI. Sergeants or Higher. The higher in rank the more promontory it is that you have to use the website. Our clan is too small to really need, or be enforcing a website.

The Underlining issue of this is when people come to me at convince. They'll tell me, hey I'm not making it, but I am forced to make them go to the website. It creates the issue of Why doesn't telling someone work. 

As you should know I am working to enforce teams. Sergeants and ranks higher up above need to adopted the idea of communication and I feel automating our system have made us seem less adequate for convenience.  What is stopping members from leaving B.L.C. and going to another clan that doesn't use the website.

With very compelling arguments going against this in the end the Council had voted in 4/4 100%. Which means starting effectively now it's important we start communicating. This is going to force us to do so. It should also correct the issue of members that join the clan from being forgotten or left behind. This has happened.

So ultimately what the website will still be used for is posting the Events, News, Match Reports, Tournaments, Members, Ranks, Social status. This means we will still be requiring members to sign up to the website for membership. After that they won't need the website until they become High-Class Members. Things like Member Reports are still required of Commanding Ranks to post. Recruiting on the website as well.

With this being said it's important we stay connected. Sat. will not be the only day we'll get things done so that way we don't tire out or leave out people that can't make certain days.

I am expecting this to help get our clan active outside of a weekly attendance.

This news post will suffice as this weekly status post.

For now that is all.

KogaGmente III

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