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B.L.C. Vs M.G.E.
Blood Elites
25 - 53
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7th Apr 2018
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Multiple 343i Developer Maps
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Orrion03 (Lagged out)
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Capture the Flag
0 - 3
Slayer World Championship (Lagged Out)
0 - 0
Slayer World Championship
25 - 50
Members will be competing against M.G.E. in a team 4v4.
This match gave B.L.C. a viewpoint to what we're up against, these very people are what we are training to combat.
Today our boys chosen from last training competed against M.G.E. and lost. As a team we still have a lot to go. I consider this a learning curve for all of you, and when teams come into play to be practicing with that team so you can beat clans like these! Our goal here is to place Platinum as what we we're up against were Platinum's with the exception of one Onyx. As you will see in our video our team puts up the fight staying not to far behind, though it is still a total loss, we didn't lose. Sun came to me along with some of the teams afterwards with a new perspective on this. 
It made the team want to push further. That passion is what will get us to victory.
And remember no matter how many times we loose, we will always have our bonds between us. That passion makes us strong, even in darkest of times.
"When all has been lost; Our Loyalty Stands!" 

Also I commend this team for remembering to bow at the end of the match. Good Job.

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